Paper Selection Process and Terms of Publishing

  • All submitted papers are subject to review by the committee
  • GlobalKS requires all papers to be original work of high quality
  • GlobalKS has a strong policy against plagiarism, which will instantly disqualify a paper from any further consideration
  • The review committee reserves the right to reject a paper based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:
    • Poor quality
    • Topic irrelevance
    • Late submission
    • Paper’s prior publishing in other publications or presentation at other events
  • Selected papers will be either published on the GlobalKS platform or invited for an oral presentation at one of the academic conferences organised by GlobalKS
  • Selected papers will receive an email notification
  • Presenters are required to register for an event before the registration deadline

Submission Requirements

  • All submitted abstracts, published papers, and/or oral presentations must be in English
  • GlobalKS requires the full paper prior to its publication or oral presentation
  • All submitted papers must be in a DOC format. Any supplementary visual materials such as tables, graphs, or other images, must be a part of the paper and not a separate attachment
  • The use of special fonts is prohibited. The use of special characters may result in delays in the reviewing process
  • GlobalKS reserves the right to reject any paper that is submitted after the official deadline

Plagiarism Policy

GlobalKS employs zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism. Each paper must provide proper citations and will be checked against plagiarism.

Plagiarism may result in a permanent submission ban.

Paper Structure

  • Title page: must include the author’s name, title of the paper, and an abstract
  • Keywords: must include up to 10 keywords associated with the topic of the paper
  • Introduction: must be concise and give an overview of the paper and its findings
  • Body: must explain the research, its findings, and offer proof of theory
  • Conclusion: must present a clear summary of the paper and its outcomes
  • References: must use proper citation of sources
  • Appendices (optional): must be used to further explain points brought up in the paper