Global Higher Education in the 21st Century




The global higher education landscape is rapidly changing, making a shift from the physical world to a more digitally-based world. Does this create a new opportunity for institutions, or maybe it just speeds up trends that were already clear and expected for higher education institutions? Can remote learning replace face-to-face teaching? How are universities embracing online learning? What have we lost in the pivot to virtual pedagogy, and what have we gained? What are the trends in innovative pedagogies in higher education? Furthermore, how do different countries view international higher education? What is the future of international student mobility, and global mobility of researchers? How are different nations and/or regions responding to the new age of universal higher education? These and many other questions are discussed in the current Open Access Book titled “Global Higher Education in the 21st Century”.

The book aims to inform the higher education sector, support the dissemination of knowledge, and offer advice to the challenges of international education. The chapters of the book examine how different areas of global education are changing: from the policies of academic institutions and their international research collaboration to the role of transnational education, the adoption of digital technology, and tech-based education. The Open Access Book will be an ideal resource for education policymakers, researchers, and students.


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