Deglobalization – The Future of Growth in the International Economy?




The coronavirus pandemic revealed again the fragility of many of the supply chains and value chains that have powered globalization in recent years. Reductions in demand and mobility have led to a systematic global economic downturn which will continue for the foreseeable future. For different reasons, therefore, individuals and organizations have given more thought to reducing the pace of change (slobalization) or reversing it altogether (deglobalization). Decisions made in this light have an important part to play in international relations as countries lagging behind in economic growth because of historical colonisation rightfully claim that they are again forced to sacrifice the dreams of their people because of the misdeeds of the Global North. Is the world doomed to contraction or can solutions, especially technological solutions, be found to allow growth to continue in different ways? The edited volume of papers reflects the current thinking on globalization, deglobalization and slobalization at a time of imminent environmental threats from disease, debt and global climate change.


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