Agile Strategies for the New VUCA on Steroids World




We have been living in a real VUCA – for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous – world in the last say decade, and the Covid crisis has put this era “on steroids”. The “VUCA on Steroids” world sets totally new expectations for corporations, and in particular how they deal with Strategies. The new world requires a major rethink of the strategy discipline toward more assumption-based, boundaries-defined culture of experimentation, failing and learning – and scaling (with the speed of lightning) once you feel you got it right.

Agile Strategies for the New VUCA-on-Steroids World aims to explore this new world and fill it with new insights and perspective.  The book includes contributions consisting of novel research approaches – conceptual, empirical, case studies, surveys – from different disciplines that demonstrate a good fit with the main theme.


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